Inmates attempt to reduce prison stress with yoga

Inmates at a US prison are trying to reduce their stress levels by taking on a course of yoga.

Detainees at Clarke County jail in Georgia often struggle with behavioural problems that come hand in hand with a stint behind bars – but a small group of females are now trying to get to grips with their issues by taking deep breathing lessons, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

After their courses, the inmates will take part in a circle of life group, allowing them to talk over their feelings and set long-term life goals that are vital in avoiding re-offending.

Sergeant Angela McAllister, supervisor in the Clarke County jail’s classification group, told the Chronicle: “What I have seen is there are not as many altercations in the female population … It provides an outlet.”

It is unclear if such practices would ever work in the UK, where budget cuts have reduced the number of classes available to inmates.

But if value for money can be highlighted in lowered re-offending rates, the stress management technique could become part of everyday life behind bars.

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