Kids not getting enough sleep diagnosed with ADHD

According to a new study in America, children are not getting enough sleep and are subsequently being misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The disorder which is marked by periods of excessive activity and the inability to focus to tasks has increased in prevalence to a rate of one in 12 children being diagnosed with the condition.

The study conducted by The New England Centre for Paediatric Psychology surveyed the parents of 700 children attempting to establish their understanding of ADHD, it was concluded that those children who do not have a regular bed time routines and fail to sleep in their own beds were thought by their parents to be suffering from symptoms of ADHD .

Dr. Dan Rubin the lead researcher for the study reported that not getting a good night’s rest makes children hyperactive and show difficulties concentrating as it would with anyone.

American Academy of Paediatrics (APP) had their annual meeting in Boston at the weekend and reported that children should be checked for the condition while at nursery school in order that the condition can be treated before it has a negative impact on education and formal schooling.

Surely this isn’t the answer – to be drugging children with medication such as Ritalin from a very young age with the long term side effects very much unknown for a disorder when a child’s symptoms could be easily misdiagnosed.

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