Meditate to awaken to daylight robbery by bankers and politicians – Part 1

While the general population is busy in their stress filled life, punctuated with bouts of alcohol and mind numbing medication in the form of TV programmes and computer games, our trusted politicians are busily handing out yet another staggering £30 Billion! That’s, £30,000,000,000 to help the banks who’d received a colossal £280 Billion last year for their failing businesses, on the conditions that the banks would stop the bonuses and lend money to businesses and home buyers.

Has this happened? NO! in a word, lending is the lowest and falling, what is far more insightful is that all bonuses have been deferred up to 2012. What it means is that the 3 years bonuses will be collected in 2012! Fantastic business model, you pay the bankers with your hard earned money while they take bonuses, wreck the economy and leave you with debts !

This day light bank robbery clearly demonstrates how completely blind and gullible the general UK population has become thanks to unprecedented levels of stress, fear, anxiety and debt which has so overwhelmed people that they don’t even have the ability to see through this smoke and mirrors trick.

How can this take place in a population of well educated and articulate individuals you may ask? One method is to condition individuals to identify with their thoughts, emotions or body. This is known as cognitive fusion, where verbal/cognitive (mental) constructs (thoughts) substitute for direct contact with events. The direct event here is the robbing tax payers to bailout bankers, by the very politicians who were caught with their hands in the till, thanks to the MP expenses scandal. Such short memories!

What waits us is the following, putting it simply, the system has being ramped with bail outs and such to an extend that where we may get paid £100 for our work, but it will actually cost £150 to live and make ends meet. Inevitably people will fall further into debt, growing interest increases their debt even more and the parasites pile on the pressure resulting in yet more stress, less clarity of mind and subsequent illnesses

Meditation will not just help with stress, but will also help you wake up to the fact that while you ve been distracted you are literally being robbed blind


Debt Stress (by Dav Panesar)

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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