Meditation helping struggling students

A school in California is reaping the benefits of meditation.

East Palo Alto day school has introduced meditation to its students, who have previously been in prison and/or expelled from other local schools, according to the Daily Journal. Twice a day for 18 minutes they are led in a non-religious meditation session by psychotherapists, called Quiet Time.

During the sessions, the students close their eyes and allow their minds travel to a less active and calmer way of life. The school received $35,000 (£21,400) of funding which has been put towards meditation training and the wages of the trainers.

Karen Li, the wellness coordinator for the school district, said: “There’s no way they would close their eyes before [Quiet Time]. In their world, you don’t close your eyes even when you’re sleeping.”

The meditation sessions are advised but not compulsory. At first there was a mixed reaction, but gradually the pupils began to see its benefits, with one student referring to meditation as his “medicine”.

Another student said: “At home I used to blow up quick. I’m more calm now and my reaction to situations is different.”

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