Meditation helps control unproductive Stress

Modern research has demonstrated that unproductive stress is the cause of many physical illnesses, according to research by Rubin, Paplau, and Salovey, “If stress persists after the initial fight or flight reaction, the body’s reaction enters a second stage (Rubin, Paplau, &Salovey, 1993).

During this stage, the activity of the sympathetic nervous system declines and epinephrine secretion is lessened, but corticosteriod secretion continues at above normal levels (Rubin, Paplau, and Salovey, 1993). Finally, if the stress continues and the body is unable to cope, there is likely to be breakdown of bodily resources (Rubin, Paplau, and Salovey, 1993)”. The good news is that modern scientific research has also show that by learning simple mental techniques it is possible overcome stress and reduce its impact on our health and increase our general well being.

We in our modern lives appear to have lost our relationship with spirit, our own spirit, we are all living in a state of semi-conscious hypnosis, lost in frenzy of endless activities and demands.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to:

1. Decrease Stress / Anxiety

2. Relieve Depression

3. Increase self-confidence

4. Help overcome phobias and obsessive behaviour

5. Improve Concentration

6. Help deal with panic attacks

7. Identify and heal addictive tendencies

8. Greatly improved relationships

9. Help with insomnia

10. Increase motivation

According to Yale University, “Meditation is known to alter resting brain patterns, suggesting long lasting brain changes, but a new study by researchers from Yale, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows meditation also is associated with increased cortical thickness”.
Rubin, Z.; Peplau, L.A.; and Salovey, P. (1993). Psychology and Health. In DeRocco, M.; Mancuso, T.; &Piland, S. (Eds). Psychology. (pp. 426-432). Boston, MA: Houghton Mufflin Company.

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