Meditation twice a day could half risk of stroke

By Charlotte Summers

The Transcendental meditation technique (TM technique) is a form of mantra meditation. It is the natural way to experience Transcendental Consciousness which is believed to be one of the most settled and calm state of mind. It is the point where all creativity and intelligence is sourced.

Transcendental means to transcend the mind, to induce a state where the mind is without thoughts, judgement and emotions.
Previously, Transcendental Meditation has been examined in small scale research studies and has been shown to impact many things from academic achievement to lowering blood pressure to alleviating symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Today, the results of one of the largest and longest running clinical trials examining the use of Transcendental meditation have been released.
The researchers at Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee recruited 201 African-Americans all of whom had been diagnosed with heart disease. The participants were randomly allocated to either participate in a transcendental meditation stress-reducing program or a health education class on diet and exercise.

The results of the study reported that individuals who participated in Transcendental meditation almost halved their chances of having a heart attack, stroke or dying from any other cause when compared to individuals in the education condition.

The result were collected over the course of five years. It was reported that the more transcendental meditation that the individual practiced, the more likely they were to report lower levels of stress, anger, have lower blood pressure and a greater rate of survival.

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