Mood boosting supplement sales soaring as bad weather continues

Sales of mood boosting supplements particularly St John’s Wort have seen a significant increase in sales as a result of the torrential weather currently being experienced in the UK.

St John’s Wort is a yellow-flowered plant that has numerous chemical elements thought to have medicinal effects on mood and behaviour. This herbal supplement that has been used for centuries is best for its use in helping manage sleep disorders such as insomnia, mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

According to one source sales of St John’s Wort in June this year have increased by as much as 115 percent compared the same period in 2011.
As the wettest June on record, St John’s Wort manufactures have attributed the surge in sales to the unseasonable weather which may be contributing to increased rates of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition associated with a reduction in sunlight exposure that normally affects sufferers in winter when the days are shorter and darker. Symptoms of SAD often include mild depression, sleep disturbances, irritability and an increased appetite.

Though the increased sales in St John’s Wort could be seen as an increase in weather related blues, it could also be an indication of a more wide spread movement with greater numbers of the general population seeking natural, non-toxic, simple means of addressing both mental and physical health concerns.

It should be noted that St John’s Wort can cause negative interactions with prescription drugs including anti-depressants, birth control pills and HIV or blood thinning medication. It is recommended that a doctor should be consulted before starting to take medicinal supplements whether natural or prescriptive.

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