Morning school runs are a huge cause of stress

The looming presence of the morning school run can raise stress levels in parents by 30 percent according to new research.

Levels of cortisol in the body also known as the stress hormone rises significantly in the morning, peaking at approximately 8.15am in mothers and fathers who have to head out to battle the traffic and get their children into school.

Psychologist Dr Simon Moore analysed the levels of cortisol in parents by looking at saliva samples taken throughout the day.

It was found that in addition to peaking at 8.15, stress levels remained high until an average of 2.30pm, before levelling out.

This shows that the trauma of the roadway battles and crowds of other parents can affect people throughout the rest of the day.

However, the research, funded by Allianz Insurance, only looked at ten people, and the findings cannot be deemed concrete. But it does indicate an alarming trend.

Dr Moore commented: “Making sure parents are feeling as little stress as possible before they start the drive to school is crucial… there are lots that can be done to relieve stress.”

Foremost among these preventative measures is mindfulness meditation. It has taken the western world by storm over the last few years, due to how effective it is. A session of mindfulness in the morning could go a long way in terms of stress management, helping parents to drive safer, cope better, and feel greater throughout the day.

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