Motorists said to suffer accident anxiety

The majority of motorists on the road suffer with accident anxiety.

According to a report by Allianz Insurance, as many as 79 per cent of motorists are anxious about driving.

For nearly one in five (17 per cent), the concern is so great they have decided not to make a certain journey to alleviate the worry.

It transpired drivers in the 35 to 44-year-old age bracket experienced the greatest concern level, with 83 per cent admitting being anxious on the road.

The greatest worry turned out to be tailgating, followed by road rage and uninsured drivers. However, only seven per cent believed additional training would help to lessen such anxiety.

Of those who had been involved in an accident, more than four-fifths (81 per cent) said it was not their fault, while 22 per cent claimed they felt more worried, more stressed and less confident after a collision.

Allianz Insurance chief executive Jon Dye said it was worrying to see that so many motorists felt they would have an accident.

“Drivers can only drive at their best if they feel calm and alert and not unduly worried about what other motorists are getting up to.”

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