New diploma to help with stress management

A new coaching accreditation will help reduce the number of hospital admissions from people suffering with anxiety, according to its creators.

The Diploma in Stress Management Coaching was developed by Wellness Professionals at Work and aims to have a positive effect on those with minor to moderate mental health problems in the south of England.

This new qualification will teach people how to properly apply cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC) to patients.

Other forms of applied therapy similar to CBC have been used by the NHS for a long time, but have proven ineffective at the hands of poorly trained mental health professionals, who have so far lacked a dedicated course in the treatment.

Wellness Professionals at Work argued the new qualification will reduce the number of people going to hospital with insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, high blood pressure, skin disorders, asthma and chronic fatigue.

Laurel Alexander, founder of the company behind the course, said: “Through re-evaluating unhelpful mindsets, we can implement alternative viewpoints that may be more effective in aiding problem-solving and therefore changing behaviour.”

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