New link between stressful job and decreased libido in men

According to the results of a Japanese study, the amount of job stress a man perceives is significantly linked to their sex drive and ability to perform in the bedroom.

183 male participants aged 52 were recruited for the research. Their lifestyles were examined through questionnaires and interviews. The men were asked about the stress levels of their jobs. Their responses were compared to the levels of male hormone testosterone in their body; this was attained from blood samples.

The results found that men who are in jobs with high pressures and demand were reported to have lower levels of testosterone and a reported lack of libido. In addition, the men who reported greater levels of job stress are more likely to report symptoms of depression, a general lack of energy and erectile dysfunction.

These symptoms are collectively called andropause it is a state of hormone deficiency in men thought to be similar to the menopause symptoms experienced by women.

Previously, it was thought that most middle aged or elderly men go through an andropause stage, however this study and other like it have shown that some lifestyles can increase an individual’s chances of going through andropause.

Additionally, the research also shows that potentially, by addressing work place stress, an individual could decrease their chances of having andropause symptoms as well as increasing their job satisfaction.

Mindfulness practices have been shown to significantly decrease stress levels, lower blood pressure and improve general wellbeing. Mindfulness courses may therefore beneficial for middle aged men.

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