New research shows one in four doctors have depression

When our health has taken a turn for the worse, be it physical or mental, we go to visit the doctor. However, we often fail to consider the health of the doctors themselves. A study has found that a quarter of new doctors show signs of depression.

Over the last year, there has been a lot of controversy over the hours that doctors work, with protestors pointing out that taking on bigger caseloads and working longer hours with lesser incentive will damage the mental wellbeing of doctors and other health care professionals.

Analysis of research that includes data that has been collected for 50 years has found that over a quarter of young doctors suffer from the effects of stress and depression.

The research included data on 17,500 medical residents from the USA, looking at people who have spent years in training for a gruelling and high stress job, collected from the results of 54 past studies.

According to Science Daily, the study was carried out by the University of Michigan Health System.

Unfortunately, if a doctor is not in a positive state of mind, if they are under too much pressure and their mental health is suffering, then they are not going to be able to help their patients as much as they should be able to.

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