Office workers have an increased chance of diabetes and heart disease

According to researchers at the Diabetes Group based at Leicester and Loughborough Universities, people who sit for long duration’s of time are more likely to suffer from diabetes and heart disease. The research found that even individuals who exercise could also be at risk.

18 studies were analysed each examining the amount of time spent sitting down for example at a desk at work, on the sofa, in the car. In total the data included information on 800,000 individuals.

Although the studies that were being analysed used different measures to attain how much time people spend sitting down, the results showed that the longer an individual is seated, they are likely to be carrying more weight, have a poorer general health, back and shoulder problems the strongest association was between prolonged periods of sitting and risk of diabetes.

Representatives from have remarked that the research findings were “fairly obvious, but that it was interesting that 30 minutes of exercise didn’t significantly decrease the risk of diabetes.”

The research highlights the need to take regular breaks, walking around the office, drinking water and being mindful of the activities that are undertaken in the evenings after work, rather than going straight from the office chair, to the car, to the sofa, consider walking or riding a bike home or participating in lunch time exercise classes.

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