One in ten managers close to breaking point

One-fifth of managers have been stressed for over a year, and half of those feel close to breaking point according to a study.

Bupa’s research revealed that 51 per cent of managers feel “constantly worried”, and two-fifths have experienced depression as a result of being stressed. Nearly half worry about work problems when they’re at home.

Patrick Watt, director of corporate at Bupa, said: “This research shows that there is still not enough support within businesses at any level of the organisation. Work is not going to get less stressful.”

Managers’ busy workloads have added consequences according to the study. Three in ten admit they do not have the time to address their colleagues’ stress, with one-quarter confessing they were too stressed to help anyone else with managing their problems.

Dr Sandra Delroy, clinical director of Mental Health at Bupa, stated the importance of creating an open and honest dialogue among employees to help combat and manage stress. The survey found that two-thirds of employees were likely to struggle in silence with their stress levels.

Dr Delroy added: “Let your employees know that feeling stressed is not a sign of weakness.”

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