Online programme helps manage stress levels

An American clinic has set up an online programme to help people manage their stress levels.

Dr Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic, described it as: “guided imagery, it’s progressive muscle relaxation. It’s different breathing techniques. Different meditation techniques”, CNN reports.

He also stated the importance of combatting stress, as he considered it to spark other tendencies such as overeating and smoking.

Participants pay a one-off fee to sign up to the programme, and then fill out a questionnaire which identifies the causes of their stress. The course lasts for six weeks and participants learn and practise different ways to manage their worries.

Paula Skrzypek, who also works at the Cleveland Clinic, is enjoying the benefits of the system set up by some of her co-workers. She said that the programme has helped her learn to take life one step at a time.

“You just have to be mindful and stay relaxed, focused for the moment. Just live in the moment,” she said.

Dr Roizen emphasised how important it was to carry on using the techniques after the programme had finished, so that participants can continue to experience its benefits.

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