Overwhelming Stress of PIP Implants

As the weeks have gone by more and more has emerged about the scandal related to Poly Implant Prothese Breast implants; the real life horror stories, the arrests and the responses by various health care departments.

In a study examining the effects of the PIP implant proceedings on the mental wellbeing of women who have had the breast implants, it has been reported that as a result of the stress over potentially faulty implants nearly half of the participants reported they had taken time off work and that it had a huge impact on productivity and concentration. Around 40 percent of the women in the study reported that their self-esteem had been ‘severely’ impaired, with many potentially battling with destructive emotions such as guilt, anger and helplessness.

In the study more than 68 percent of the women reported feeling symptoms of depression with more than 92 percent reporting stress related insomnia since finding out the news of faulty implants. The study reported that already 33 percent of those questioned had acquired psychological therapy for their distress and a further 80 percent admitted they may be seeking support from a therapist in the future.

Though without proper screening and implant examination on an individual basis is required to discover whether or not the implants are faulty, there are a number of techniques that can be adopted in order to ease the psychological strain and emotional turmoil that has arisen as a result of the PIP scandal. Mindfulness meditation has been found to significantly reduce stress levels as well as changing the way destructive emotions are viewed and their affect the body. This could be the best way to deal with the infolding story and prepare oneself to deal with what is to come in a more relaxed, sound mind.

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