Paranoia symptoms, chest pains, sleeplessness, all a sign of the times

Our minds are easily conditioned into thinking in certain ways, these ways become our perceived “reality”, however, one must be cautious not to BELIEVE what their thoughts or mind is telling them, especially when we realise that we expose ourselves to a form of “brainwashing” through the information box in most peoples front rooms.

The news is repeated at least 4 times an hour! The same headline, every station, most radio broadcasts, the same words, the same message again and again….. a little bit like the “green shoots of recovery” propaganda coupled with the constant paranoia messages of “swine flu” and the untested “cure” is creating an environment of confusion and paranoia.

Exposure to simply one paradigm (our world-view), and reinforcement fools most minds into “think” and more importantly believing what it thinks to be true, when in reality, unemployment is soaring, banks are not lending, factories and shops closing, not to mention the real emotional experience of stress, NOT THINKING, but feeling through their own subjective experience that things are not as our “authority” figures inform us, the politicians, the “experts” and of course the trusted media.

Just as the earth’s movement around the sun creates new conditions on earth called seasons, likewise, the movement of our solar system in its own cycle is creating yet a different type of “season” for all those contained in the solar system, including the earth. This new season is giving rise to new conditions.

And just as in the summer we experience less cold and more heat, this new season appears to be subjecting many to experiences of “knowing” things to be different from what is projected through the various info “channels”, TV, newspaper, radios, people! After all, the ONLY TRUTH we really can know is our own subjective experience, what is happening to us within and without. Other symptoms include sleeplessness, feelings of confusion, mental repetitive thinking patterns, sudden feeling of fatigue and tiredness, while others require much more sleep, experience vivid dreams, not least feeling “dazed”.

Unfortunately, many people who are starting to experience a distinct change within them, changes in their life styles, questioning the “conditioners”, etc appear to have little support for their psychological changes underway, some question their own mental “sanity” (sanity being our conditioned mind by our “authorities” of truth), many finding themselves unable to access any real understanding or support. These transpersonal changes in us require a specialist that understands such changes and can actively provide support, again those who have such knowledge have been largely prececuted, ridculed and replaced by what religion and mental-health therapists.

Thankfully, stress and its new sister site “saw” this coming some time ago and decided to provide practical and FREE help and support. The first think to do is to understand our minds, meditation is the most respected, non-toxic and profoundly life enhancing method honoured since time immemorial in every wisdom tradition and now even being recognised and used by modern science.


Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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