Post Deletion Stress Disorder adds to tech based stress

Deleting content off of a device has been found to cause a stress reaction in people, as they let go of the data that they have built up on there.

Dubbed “Post Deletion Stress Disorder (PDSD)” research has found people can suffer from stress when they are forced to delete content off of their computer, laptops, or mobile phones. 56 percent of UK consumers have at some point regretted having to delete files.

The link between having to delete content and feeling down could be because of the huge amounts of money that people spend on digital content nowadays. It is reported that people can spend thousands of pounds on digital movies and music, and deleting these purchases can leave a sour feeling in people’s minds.

In a world driven by downloads, and one where we are constantly hooked to our devices, it is not surprising that a blow such as running out of storage space and having to delete content can get us down.

One of the major factors that stress people out is being constantly connected, particularly to emails, and not being able to switch off. This is especially prominent in people working in an office environment, or with managerial responsibilities.

One company recently tried to help its employees out by holding a no email week.

This is a great idea, and helping people to disconnect from their tech, and begin to connect as people, will go a long way to helping reduce stress in the workplace, and stress generated by technology.

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