Predictions 2010 Approaching spring 2010, preparation to emergence

As the earth changes start to become undeniable over the next few months, we are likely to face many changes. The potential for just-in-time distribution systems to collapse, upon which we are dependent for our food and fuel catlysed by the local authorities and Governments running out of money is just one possibility to emerge as we move towards spring 2010.

2010, offers us an opportunity like no other time in the period of history, every moment is unfolding us into a new paradigm, our awareness and priorities will start to become very different to where we are today (9th January 2010).

If the natural climatic changes weren’t enough, we may soon realise that our local Governments have no money and all the taxpayers’ savings which where in the Icelandic banks that collapsed last year are not able to repay the UK!

We can either wait to be “saved” by our elected officials, and judging by their promises of green shoots of recovery which amounted to absolutely nothing, it is perhaps in our interest to take control.

Our world-view is being shaped by main stream media (MSM), by broadcasting just what we need to be shown moulds our world-view, the absence of any information of increasing volcano and earthquake activity specially around the ring of fire and the impending food shortages are something everyone of us needs to be concerned about and making prepartions. However it appears that our Government priorities are rather different, as we move into food shortages the governments are hell bend on using biofuels, the araise of “sudden” pandemics even the blatant lies about global warming show how the so called “objective” science of this culture is in fact based on a biased representation of a worldview that denies us our right to know and our true nature.

2010 will be a year remembered for when the Universe start to show its secrets, its mystery, its divinity and its justice. The paradigm shift is well under way now and the changes will inevitably result in stress, anxiety and fear. However, this is a great opportunity for growth, self-discovery, transformation and the stark realisation of our interconnectedness. The karmic seeds of life times are about to germinate as the conditions and circumstances align themselves. Meditation is essential to assist us in this encounter between change and our rather fixed rigid identities.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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