Quarter of workers and half of bosses are permanently stressed according to research

Around a quarter of workers are constantly under a state of stress, according to a survey into how persistent stress is in workers.

Insurance firm AXA PPP healthcare carried out the survey which looked at how many people are in a constant state of stress.

Work, and workload, is one of the most common cited causes for stress. The questionnaire found that one in four workers is always stressed out by their workload.

Higher up the chain though, it was found that half of their bosses were experiencing the same permanent state of stress.

Furthermore, a quarter of the bosses said that their home lives were also stressing them out.

And, finally, a fifth of both of the groups said that they did not feel their jobs were very secure.

“Occasionally experiencing symptoms of stress is to be expected,” said Doctor Mark Winwood, speaking for the insurance firm.

“However, chronic stress can create or exacerbate existing mental health issues, including anxiety and depression and, as such, it is important to manage.

‘By promoting stress-reducing behaviours wherever possible, such as a reduction in unnecessary out-of-hours emails, flexible working and an open culture where all employees can discuss their concerns and issues, businesses can minimise the effects of stress on all levels of the workforce.”

The advent of a new mindfulness age, where the meditation technique has been taken up by a lot more people and by a lot of companies is a promising outlet to try and reduce the build up of stress on society. However, it can only help if people take the initiative to learn and improve their mental health through things such as mindfulness courses.

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