Re-organising the house can aid ADHD sufferers

Recent recommendations from the The Haffey Centre for Attention and Memory that specialises in the assessment and treatment of patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have included organising the house in line with altered thinking patterns can help children diagnosed with the condition cope with day to day activities particular executive functioning.

Symptoms of ADHD among other things will invariably include problems with maintaining concentration, completing tasks without interference or distraction, restricting inappropriate actions or difficulties moderating behaviour to match the situation.

The husband and wife team at the Haffey Centre have reported relatively straight forward steps that can be taken in order to support a child diagnosed with ADHD. One such method is to re-organise the house for example they recommend having a simple storage design that means that a person with ADHD is less likely to lose belongings or be distracted when retrieving possessions. The specialists suggest having a place where keys, mobile phones, money and general items that are required on a day to day basis are kept. It should be said that this re-organisation be done in a security conscious frame of mind so not to pose as a target for crime.

Additionally Dr. Mark and Dr. Nancy Haffy have reportedly highlighted the importance of a quiet and peaceful atmosphere that aids concentration and limits distraction. People suffering from ADHD can get easily distracted by the noise of a television or by hearing a song they recognise on the radio. Simple changes such as having no background noise while a child with ADHD is studying or doing homework could ease the strain of daily activities.

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