Scottish lecturers are feeling the pressure according to a new survey

If you are a lecturer at a university in Scotland, then unfortunately you are likely to be highly stressed, according to the results of a new survey.

The Educational Institute of Scotland – University Lecturers’ Association (EIS-ULA) did a survey to find out how well teaching staff in the University sector, were coping with the demands of the job.

When compared to other forms of teaching, it was found that lecturers have a lower sense of wellbeing and satisfaction.

EIS is the largest teaching union in Scotland, of which the EIS-ULA is a self-governing section.

A survey and case studies revealed that lecturers not only suffer under their significant workload, but also because of worries about management in the institute they work at. There was also claimed to be a lack of opportunity for professional development.

EIS-ULA called on the employers at the Universities to try and address issues and work with the association to help lecturers deal with stress and improve their stress management.

Larry Flanagan, the EIS General Secretary, commented: “It is in everyone’s interest – staff, students and the institutions themselves – to create a work environment that is conducive to learning and teaching for the benefit of all students and staff.”

Earlier this month there was the first strike by NHS workers for thirty years in regards to pay and the stress of having too small and income to comfortably deal with the costs of living.

Despite the fact that the economy is supposedly improving, workers in many sectors are still suffering and feeling the pressure.

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