Silence Could Benefit a Stress-free Life

It is increasingly difficult to get any peace and quiet. People are constantly surrounded by noise and distractions; blaring TVs, distracting smartphones, thumping music and noisy neighbours. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) this constant, daily barrage of noise can have a negative impact on overall health. Following air pollution, noise pollution is the most significant environmental threat to health. As a result, taking time out in silence could prove extremely beneficial to the health of the public.

Too Much Noise is Harmful to Our Health

The WHO recommends that the public should sleep to a low noise level of 30dB. This is the same as a very low whisper. However, the WHO also reports that 40% of the public are exposed to 50dB of noise during the night. As a result, sleep, concentration and productivity are disturbed along with an increase in blood pressure and incidences of heart disease. This is often not the fault of the public. During the design stage of our living environments, sound quality is often something that isn’t considered.

How Can Silence be Beneficial?

  1. The WHO states that approximately 3% of deaths caused by coronary heart disease have a direct link to chronic noise exposure. Taking time out can decrease the risk of heart disease, as stress levels and blood pressure will be greatly reduced.
  2. Surprisingly, fertility is linked to noise exposure. It is suggested that increased, long-term exposure to noise pollution plays a significant part in male infertility. This information was found through a study conducted by Seoul National University.
  3. Naturally, high-levels of noise can greatly disturb sleep, along with the constant presence of social media can greatly affect sleeping, especially for kids. Research conducted in Australia concluded that children who had phones in their rooms during the night had very poor sleeping habits. This isn’t surprising, given they will be more likely to want to check their phones if it is constantly present. Nevertheless, sleep loss is a universal problem due to ever changing social and work patterns. This will result in a detrimental effect upon sleep and overall well-being. Taking time out for complete silence without distraction will improve patterns as it eliminates distraction.
  4. Noise pollution has a negative impact on memory and productivity. High levels of noise can be a significant distraction, meaning that details are less likely to be remembered and tasks are less likely to be completed efficiently.

Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet

Silence can certainly aid de-stressing. It doesn’t mean that your entire life should be led in complete silence. All the public needs to do is to ensure they take time out in their day to achieve peace by being free of anything loud or distracting. Most importantly however, silence must be achieved to form proper sleeping patterns. Doing so will greatly impact health and everyday living in a positive way. Using ear-plugs and keeping all smart devices at a distance are simple yet effective measures that can be taken.

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