Stress and 2012

Many people may have heard of the Mayan calendar which accurately forecasts an event of great magnitude on the 21st Decembet 2012. The Mayan calendar does not measure “time periods”, but changes in consciousness and 2012 marks the final moments of our evolution.

Since consciousness is primary to matter and the material manifestations are just expressions of Consciousness, the Mayan calendar describes the evolution of consciousness, and thus cannot be based on the physical movements of material bodies like the Gregorian calendar .

The Mayan calendar proves the existence of Divinity, that there is a plan of unfolding underway which we are both distracted from and also have been deliberately mis-educated and mis-informed through the dominant religions and Western Politicians, especially of our own divine nature and purpose of life.

Accumulation of wealth, fame, power and sensual gratification are the key drivers of modern day life, giving rise to an intrinsically purposeless life. Just imagine if you knew that you too are Divine, how would that change our lives and also our coping mechanisms? Wisdom traditions such as Sikhism asserts that you are “God”, but live within an “artificially” created sense of self, called Ego.

We are now entering the final stages of profound changes that will radically change our lives over the next few years. However, there appears to be great energy being expended by those in power to ensure that we are distracted from what is actually going on.

Looking around yourself and you may be surprised to discover that we are living in two realities, the reality that each of us encounter daily, with threats of pandemic, threats of untested vaccinations, falling economy, increasing unemployment, fast changing weather, increase in earthquakes and super storms to mention but a few. Yet, the propaganda from the media is of “green shoots”, economy getting out of the recession,

What to expect over the next few years?

1. Economic meltdown across the globe, starting in earnest in October-November 2009

2. Inflation or even hyperinflation on essential goods

3. Increasing freak weather, super storms and mega earthquakes

4. Increasing evidence followed by visibility of extra terrestrial life form, demonstrating that the Universe is teaming with alien life, as is earth!

5. Increasing attempts to distract the population through manufactured diseases and food crisis

6. Significant changes to costal areas around the world

7. “Discovery” of new energy technologies

8. Evidence that the general populous has been deliberately mis-educated and mis-informed

9. Increasing backlash from the general population against the “vaccinations” as more evidence gathers of their harmful effects

10. The change is sunlight intensity, colour and effect. The sun has already changed its colour from yellow to white and soon may have a light blue hue to it

11. Possible distraction by the political elite through the instigation of a new war between Iran and Israel in Autumn 2009

The scale of emotional stress and trauma can not be under estimated, the most important preparations one can make is learn to meditate, in addition to storing food, essential medicines and tools etc.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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