Stress and pressure on exam results day

Exam results days are some of the most stressful and feared experiences of people under 20. August is the month of results, and students across the country will be facing this gruelling time.

GCSE and A-Level results are to be picked up by students, and some will be ecstatically happy, and some will not be so pleased. There is a huge emphasis placed upon results, as they are used to dictate the future of a person’s education.

A-Level results in particular are extremely stressful. Having put in hard work for several years, the future of many students’ university placements boil down to a few letters, that they are pressured by schools, their families, and even themselves to achieve well in.

This stress can build and will fade, but it can take an extreme toll on people while it is present. Very little is done in schools to promote stress management techniques. There is a movement towards teaching primary school children mindfulness and letting them de-stress in school time, but this is a long way off from becoming the norm and being implemented at higher levels of education.

With the high levels of pressure and the stress to perform well, failing to achieve the required results for university placements can feel like the end of the world, and can lead to mental health problems like depression.

This is where some people say the education system fails, as it boils down to passing exams and categorising achievement in a rudimental lettering system.

If you are disappointed this year by results, know that it isn’t the end of the world. Things will seem better in time, and if you are feeling down, don’t be afraid to seek help.

Furthermore, if you have done well and secured the grades you wanted (first of all, congratulations!), remember not everyone will have achieved as well as you, and try to be there for friends who aren’t as pleased as you are.

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