Stress and the caring professions

A survey released by the Carers’ Week has found 75% of the 340,000 carers at “breaking point” as a result of their roles within the profession. Those surveyed identified a range of issues that contributed to such dire situation, these include:-

1. Almost 40% reported “frustration with bureaucracy”

2. Almost 70% have not had any rest bite in the past 12 months

3. More than 30% have never had any rest bite

These factors combined with the demanding role and responsibilities all contribute to unproductive stress on the carers. The carers themselves identified a number of methods that would help with their demanding work, these include:-

1. Appreciation of the work undertaken by carers

2. Practical support which can enable carers to take “time out”

3. Someone to talk to

4. Increased wages

Stress has been shown to give rise to emotional, mental and physically health issues if left untreated.

There are a number of simple but effective techniques that can help with anxiety and stress levels without resorting to drugs. The most effective and proven method is meditation. Meditation is simply about cultivating awareness. Most of us are so occupied with our thoughts and emotions that very rarely do we ever have the time, opportunity and most importantly the technique that enables us to “disengage” our constant mental chatter for short periods. Meditation, particularly Mindfulness meditation is an excellent technique that is being used in a whole variety of health care professions.

Nurses in the USA found the simple technique of mentally reciting a word such as peace, love, or a mantra to be very effective against stress, in addition to the patients who found the nurses more engaging and less stressed.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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