Stress busting ways to start your day

Got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning? How did you brush your teeth?

How an individual spends their morning often sets the general feel for that day. Getting into the right frame of mind and giving one’s body the best nutritional, energetic and psychological boost could make all the difference to stress levels, health and satisfaction with the day.

Brushing your teeth mindfully

Mindfulness is becoming aware of the present moment with non-judgemental acceptance. An individual can train themselves to become mindful of their moment by moment experience in everything that would normally occur in their day. As an individual is brushing their teeth, for example, becoming aware of how the toothbrush feels against their teeth, the smell of the toothpaste and the taste in their mouth. Bringing mindfulness into the daily routine could help calm the mind and help start the day with a clear mindset.

Eating the right breakfast

If an individual starts the morning with a coffee and a croissant, the likely hood is that the high saturated fat, processed flour and caffeine. Research shows that large amounts of saturated fat in our diets can increase the risk of having a stroke and developing coronary heart disease. Caffeine has also been found to affect hormonal balances, sleep and weight. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and fruits have been found to support optimal levels of serotonin in the brain which has been known to boost mood. Therefore, starting the day with whole grain cereal and fruit will not only keep hunger at bay but could also help with stress management.

Early morning exercise

Stretching in the shower, means an individual is able to use the warm water to loosen muscles, release tensions and start the day more relaxed. Alternatively, and early morning jog around the park or a yoga session can release endorphins which can improve mood and wellbeing.

These small changes to a person’s daily routine could have a big impact on stress levels and general wellbeing.

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