Stress causing problems for most Americans

Stress is a common ailment among people all over the world, but the US is particularly affected by anxiety and depression.

New figures show that 77 per cent of residents in the North American country are experiencing unpleasant physical symptoms because of their mental health problems.

Stomach issues, headaches, changes in appetites, muscle tension and fatigue are the most common complaints people being reported.

Dr Maiysha Clairborne, a medical practitioner at Mind Body Spirit Wellness, is a stress management coach and said: “The stress of everyday life … can manifest in real, physical symptoms; these then go on to cause even more stress, resulting in a damaging cycle of stress and pain.”

The expert said deep breathing exercises are a great way to combat this problem, with yoga, better dietary practices and dancing also recommended by Dr Clairborne.

Millennials – people aged between 18 and 33 – are more prone to depression than anybody else and 60 per cent of those in this group who reported extreme stress have sought help for their physical symptoms.

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