Stress free holidays

As the holiday season approaches many people will be making preparations to take some time out after the rather eventful and consequently stressful year so far. We have seen the banking sector collapse, the MP’s expense scandal while ordinary people lose jobs and savings, the loss of confidence in the Government while they still retain their positions of power and attitude of arrogance. All these events have greatly contributed towards our collective stress levels. We can already see signs of frustration that are turning into anger and with the unfolding depression, this is very likely to turn into fear and for some even panic at the prospects of losing their jobs, homes and even family breakdown.

Holidays are supposed to be a “get away”, somewhere and some time to de-stress, yet many people only know too well that holidays can themselves become sources of stress and anxiety .

Although we may feel that by going on a holiday and changing our environment may help us with our troubles and stresses, the truth is that our minds are always where we are! Stress is caused by our minds perception of a perceived stressor, prolonged stressfulness effectively trains our minds to become better as getting stressed! To truly have a holiday is to take our minds on a holiday, effectively disengage from identifying with the constant chatter in our minds, replaying the past, fantasising about our futures, constantly judging, evaluating, calculating and scheming, yet completely unaware of what we really have and experience, this present moment.

Meditation helps us recognise that we are not just that chatter voice in our heads, but something far more profound, permanent and sharing experience of inner-peace and joyfulness.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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