Stress of Aliens

Professor Stephen Hawkins has recently warned the world not to engage with aliens as they are likely to be hostile towards human beings. Why would Professor Hawkins suddenly be making such statements and why would the “respectable” media be publishing information about hostile Aliens?

Experience is always closer to the truth than believing someone else’s words. Anyone with a reasonable set of 3rd generation night vision goggles can go out on a clear night to witness a whole range of activity taking place right above us, including what appears as war between different types of alien crafts.

We have all been rigidly brainwashed to accept a model of reality that is obviously untrue and based on a deliberate attempt to keep most of humanity ignorant about themselves and ignorant about their place in this infinite universe. However, since alien wars are now underway and the cover is about to be blown off, the controllers responsible for your brain washing are desperately trying to cover their back and the use of “respected” authority figures are now being employed to ensure that the sheeple (people who are still locked in their rigid brain washed view of reality) do not lose confidence in their masters.

The stress of seeing live Aliens cannot be underestimated on the psychology and coping mechanism of the general brain washed populous. Especially, when details are leaked, released and obtained which categorically prove the involvement of Governments and Religious authorities, particularly of the monotheistic religions who have been actively engaged in providing “fodder” as their followers to their Alien masters.

Meditation enables us to disengage from the conditioned mind in order to realise the truth about our self and our environment based on our own experience but not on the word of another.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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