Stress plus debt stress and anxiety increase sharply in the UK workplace

Stress and anxiety is going to increase to unprecedented levels due to the recession according to a new study conducted by Coventry University and Work Life Balance Centre.

Increase stress causes absence which in turn impacts businesses and the NHS . predicted in 2008 that stress and anxiety would increase in the UK population and businesses, and even go further and warn individuals that post 2009, many people will experience symptoms akin to post traumatic stress disorder . It is vital that people develop methods to look after their mental and physical survival. The impact of this “recession” can not be underestimated, there is every chance that we will all face a very different type of life in the coming years.

Debt stress is increasing at an unprecedented level in the general population, with queues in CAB offices, more people seeking medical advice form their GP and some even losing it becoming violent and aggressive.

Debt stress has become to prevalent that many people are now even seeking help from their churches and community group, unfortunately, so many individuals have been disconnected from their churches and community networks, that they literally have no where to turn, which in turn make their stress even more severe. has been offering free real solutions for Stress and Debt-stress for its users. The solutions are based on drug-free, tried and tested practices that have shown to be highly effective in addressing stress and anxiety.


Debt-stress mindfulnes (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

5 breaths (by Dav Panesar)

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