Stress reaching boiling point

Whether we wish to acknowledge or not, we appear to be reaching an pressure point from many sides which is inevitably going to result in severe and shocking consequences. is committed to reducing suffering, and it is with that intention we proceed to ensure people are informed of the possible affects of the current status quo and its effects over the next few weeks, months and into 2010-2011.

Food, fuel, political, civil rights and employment riots across the world, fires spreading through central Europe, relentless rain and floods in many parts of India, UK, USA and to think things are just getting started!

Today’s actions will inevitably result in tomorrows events, these series of articles on will explore the events resulting is psychological and social breakdown.

Part I – peeking into the horizon

No matter what source of information we have access to, the world around us starting to crumble and coming to a breaking point from which there may be no return. Could it be that the power that be are actually trying to stress us even further?

The media has been obsessed with Swine Flu, the Government keen for everyone to be vaccinated with a cocktail of biological agents that are yet to be adequately tested. Does it not make us suspicious of these same Politicians who were recently caught with their hands in the till and are now even suggesting that libraries and supermarkets may be able to “hand out” the vaccination?

Despite the actual experience of people losing jobs, food prices increasing, wages been frozen, reduced and disposal income being a thing of the past, the media yet again appears to be almost brain washing its viewers into accepting “green shoots” of recovery, when the reality is more like the last gasping breath of the existing global capitalist system.

If that wasn’t enough, how about the heartbreaking and totally unnecessary loss of British Soldiers fighting a war in some far away country without adequate resources or reason? Of course, the official reason of Taliban training people to bomb mainland Britain is increasing seen for a pathetic excuse to simply carry on with a war in order to avoid a total collapse of the economy.

But you may ask, why would the Powers that Be, main stream media such as the BBC, ITV, SKY etc wish to add to our stress levels?

The reason is simply to control. Create a “crisis”, say by releasing a man made virus, then offer the “Solution” say a vaccination, and during the intense emotional release, due to fear, its easy to control the masses.

Events are likely to increase our stress levels even more, for the following reasons:-

Around the last week of August 09, we are most likely to see an economic event that will surface as the second wave of the economic collapse, making event of 2008 appear like a picnic, followed by the collapse of the US dollar towards November 09.

September 09 is likely to the frantic efforts of the Bankers and their political puppets run around trying to “fix” the problem, perhaps engaging in a war with Iran or even something far more outlandish, by bombing the moon!

Releasing the second round of the Swine Flu mutated virus .

Coupled with severe changes in weather patterns which are already becoming visible around the world and its impact on food and the current crop failures going on around the globe are likely to create high inflation.

The time has come to make real commitment to change our life style, for of we don’t, the changes afoot will definitely force us into changes. Unfortunately those with a rather rigid mindset are going to feel the most “pain” during this process which will become undeniable by the end of September 09, and will last for perhaps as many as 10 years.
Amidst the current storm and its increasing ferocity, it is essential for individual to overcome their fears, stress levels, aggression and panic. Meditation offers the best solution, its free and easy.


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