Stress set to increase profoundly as EU begins to falls apart

Misinformation and diversion are the two tools that are effectively employed to ensure the public remains ignorant and distracted about not only what is actually happening in their everyday reality but importantly about their well being and health .

The current financial turmoil around Greece’s sovereign debt is once again exposing the dire and terminal situation of the world economy and progressive deterioration in the public’s standard of life and health. The EU is set to fall apart as the crisis moves from Greece to other countries such as UK, ireland, Italy, Spain, to mention just a few.

Over the past 24 months, the MSM (main stream media) who all appear to be working for the politicians have mislead the public about the scale of the financial problems, from credit crunch to economic down turn to recession and very soon to become the greatest depression .

Distraction such as Swine flu, the imminent terror threats and news headline dominated by the sex lives of footballers or some other insignificant “celebrities” have all worked well so far and there is no reason this will not continue distracting the sheeple from knowing the disastrous turn their lives are about to take over the next few months.

Recent history has clearly shown the double handed and deceitful actions of those in control of the country and your finances, i.e. the Bankers. Both of these groups have been exposed as liars and thieves over the past few months, while the hard working people effectively destroy their own lifestyles to bail out the bankers and now countries from their woefully inadequate and misguided economic growth policies.

Unless people take note of what is actually going on, rather than rely on the propaganda machines of main stream media, stress levels for individuals are going to shift from just psychological stress to physical stresses of finding food, shelter and warmth.

Meditation helps us awaken to not just ourselves and our psychological patterns, but far more importantly today, it wakes us to the misinformation and distraction which keep us from knowing the truth about our lives.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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