Stress when the unimaginable happens

World-view is the way an individual and collective society believes their reality to be. For example, we all live within a world where money is central to our lives. We spend almost all of our lives dedicated to the accumulation of wealth . We send our children to be educated from the time they are 6 months old, into nurseries, followed by primary and secondary school until the child is conditioned into being a productive member of society who can either work or pursue education to enter an appropriate profession.

The measure of success in our society is wealth, material processions, power or fame . Now imagine in the near future you wake to discover that due to uncontrollable circumstances such as the Gulf of Mexico Oil volcano suddenly and swiftly produce copious amounts of poisonous gases such that the entire region has to be evacuated, leading to mass disruption, forcing mass unemployment upon all leading to a sharp economic collapse.

The impact of such an event leading to an overnight loss of wealth would force a new world-view upon people. The breakdown of their mental models of reality (or what they perceived as reality) will result in mental confusion, altered states of cognition producing shock and manifestation of uncontrollable behaviour. To make matters worse, the MSM propaganda machine continues to bombard you with contradictory information, lies and misinformation.

Most people believe the version of reality that has been provided to them by their education and maintained by the constant brainwashing through endless information channels. Thoughts are not facts, and to believe them to be so is placing your life in the hands of others (those who feed you with information as what you should believe) as we are most likely to witness in the coming months, especially if the BP oil volcano crisis deepens, or currency crisis in Europe or resulting from the earth and climate changes underway.

Meditation will prove to be perhaps the most important practice for mental health and well being. Meditation enables us to witness our thoughts and realise that we are not our thoughts and our thoughts are not facts, we do not have to believe that they must be true!


5 Minutes Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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