Stressed mothers turn to alcohol to the determent of their child mental health

Parents with alcohol dependencies are putting their children at risk of being diagnosed with psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety and behavioural changes such as increased anger that can have detrimental effects on the health, well being and academic achievement.

According to a new research called ‘Bottling It Up: The Next Generation’ that was published in Turning Point, approximately 2.6 million children in England are living with parents who have problems with alcohol.

The parents who took part in the research were reported as consuming 10 times the recommended daily limits with the average parent’s alcohol consumption being 30 units per day which is equal too approximately three bottles of wine or up to fifteen pints of beer.

The report stated that pressures and demands for mothers to be so called ‘super-mothers’ is subjecting them to so much stress and a reported lack of support from partners suggested that women were turning to alcohol often in secret for relief when children had been put to bed.

In light of this research it is critical that mothers who are feeling stressed should have alternative coping mechanisms other than alcohol. Mindfulness meditation, yoga, Tai Chi or a weekly aromatherapy massage are all good relaxing and stress management techniques that can be a welcomed addition to a busy schedule without any negative impact on their child’s mental health .

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