Summer months are the best time of the year to practice yoga

According to Sumit Manav, one of India’s leading yoga masters, partaking in power yoga during the hot summer season not only reduces body fat and tones muscles but can have a therapeutic effect on your mind and overall wellbeing due to the increased level of sweat produced.

Founder of Lifestyle Yoga, Manav has claimed that practicing yoga during the summer months particularly sun salutations can have a profound impact to one’s wellbeing and can be a particularly effective stress management aid.

Sun salutations are a sequence of twelve positions with each move being synchronized with the breath; inhaling on the extension moves and exhaling on retraction moves. The transfer through each position is done in a continuous flow of movement. A single cycle includes two complete series of the twelve positions (one with the left side of the body first and the second starting with the right). These yoga moves can be done in just 6-10 minutes each day and therefore act as an easy addition to a current exercise regime or can be done during a gap in a busy schedule.

Sumit Manav who was taught yoga by his guru in the Himalaya Mountains now teaches yoga and professes its physical and emotional benefits. The majority of yoga practitioners will sweat while partaking in yoga movements however, during the summer months they will sweat more than normal and releasing stagnant water from the body, thus leaving the practitioner cleansed and refreshed.

The importance of rehydration after a yoga exercise workout is critical to ensure dehydration and fatigue doesn’t have a negative impact on health. The body is reportedly best replenished by drinking room temperature water at regular intervals after a workout.

The fact that the high-power lifestyle yoga moves are combined with breath, practicing the positions could mean stamina is increased, muscles toned and body strengthened while the mind is stress free and calm.

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