Swine Flu Stress Pandemic Check List

Swine Flu Stress and Check List

Prolonged psychological stress has been demonstrated to lead to serious physical and physiological diseases, ranging from migraines right through to cancers and heart attacks .

Swine flu, combined with the “terror threats”, the collapsing economy, rising unemployment, rising civil unrest across the world, global warming threats and possible food shortages are now evidently starting to impact the general population, potentially creating a flu-anxiety or just increase worry and give rise to flu-panic. Unfortunately, just like a frog being heated in water will not realise that its being boiled until its too late, the same appears to be true for the population today.

Fear is not just an effective tool for controlling the population, but far more seriously, fear will lead inevitably to changes in our immune systems as well as disabling or impairing our mental and emotional faculties.

It is important in the midst of public concern, media frenzy and disinformation, that we maintain a sense of calm and tranquility in our everyday activities.

Meditation is a highly effect technique that everyone can learn and practice in these trying times. Meditation has been shown to effectively improve you immune system in addition to addressing panic attacks, anxiety, worries and even depression more effectively than drugs.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Meditation for children (by Dav Panesar)

However, we can also take the following practical steps as a precaution:

– Maintain hygienic habits, use tissues to sneeze, cough or blow nose and then dispose of tissue in a safe place.

– Teach children to wash hands frequently with soap and water.

– Avoid crowds, avoid travelling on public transport, using public handrails, wipe shopping trolley handles with disinfectant, use own carrier bags on shopping trips, avoid buying foods imported recently from countries infected, minimise person-to-person contact, use alcohol spray to disinfect door handles, etc.

– Seek medical advice upon fever, flu symptoms etc.

Items to have on hand for an extended stay at home:

Canned food

Manual Can opener

Dry foods, cereals and food bars

Reading materials, games for children

Dried fruit

Canned juices

Bottled water

Pet food if necessary

Other non-perishable foods

Emergency medical supplies

Prescribed and medical supplies such glucose, blood-pressure equipment

Soap and Water or alcohol based hand wash

Aspirins and such medicines for fever


Anti-diarrhoeal medication


Cleaning agents/soap

Torch and batteries

Portable radio

Bin Bags

Tissues, toilet rolls, nappies etc.

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