Symptoms causes and antidote for mental or nervous breakdown

Mental breakdown (also known as nervous breakdown) is a non-medical term used to describe a short term disorder that is expressed with acute features of anxiety and depression .

Recent research by UK and Serbian scientists suggests that “mental and physical torture cause the same amount of harm and is indistinguishable in their long term impact on psychological health .”

Physical torture is on par with psychological torture in terms of impact on fear, feelings of helplessness, loss of control, stress and anxiety.

Currently the UK population, like many other parts of the developed world is subjected to stress levels seldom seen before and from many different areas.

It appears that the Main Stream Media (MSM) and public authorities are complicit in creating yet even more stress on already stressed populations.

Just consider the negligent trail the Government is leaving trying to manage the man made pandemic, with untested vaccinations been almost forced on people, the misinformation the Met office issued earlier of a “barbeque summer”, simply so people come to the UK and those in the UK remain in the UK for their holidays . Imagine how families feel having booked holidays in Britain based on the misinformation from the Met office.

Then we have the mantra of “green shoots”, recovery is just around the corner, yet people are losing jobs, house values are plummeting and soon many may lose their life savings and pensions as a result of the misinformation by “official sources” and the impending decline of the US dollar and its ramification around the world.

People are starting to feel helpless; they have no control over the unfolding events, the pressures of day to day living, fear of pandemic, unemployment all greatly emphasized by the misinformation from what were considered to be “trusted” sources.

So how do we plan and prepare? It would be useful to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically. As far as ones savings are concerned, if there are “new” bank holidays on the horizon all of sudden, say September 09, this may be seen as signal of the coming economic roller coaster and perhaps it would be useful not to risk cash in banks or building societies.

Finally, its not only you, many people are reporting the experience of “strange” feelings, suffering from sleep disruption and sudden fatigue.

It is essential for individuals experiencing stress to start its management as soon as possible. Meditation is perhaps the simplest and most effective tool at hand.

In the coming weeks, months and into 2010, we are likely to see many people suffering from complete mental breakdown as a result of the existing stresses and new stresses coming from food shortages, strange and violent weather, earth changes, international and extremely dangerous possibilities of war between Iran and Israel in October 2009, the fall out IF this tragic event takes place, not to mention the mutated man made Swine flu .


Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Victim to creator (by Dav Panesar)

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