Symptoms of anxiety in women reduce in response to exercise

Research conducted by the University of Georgia concluded that women who exercise show a significant decline in worry and tension, thought to be the greatest indicators of anxiety levels .

Approximately three percent of all women in the US suffer from generalised anxiety disorder . Government statistics in the UK report more than 7 million citizens have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder .

The current research recruited 30 women aged between 18 and 37 all with a diagnosis of anxiety . 15 of the participants were assigned to a control group while the other 15 were assigned to a 6-week exercise program that consisted of either resistance or aerobic regime.

The results reported there was a significant reduction in symptoms of anxiety. There were reductions in worry, relieved tensions and pain and less reported irritability . It was concluded that women who were assigned to the resistance condition and lifted weights showed the greatest change to anxiety symptoms .

Kundalini yoga is an exercise for the mind and body which has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety, improve mental clarity, in addition to general physical and emotional wellbeing. Some of the exercises rely on body weight for resistance and subsequently could replicate the findings of this study and could potentially have an even greater impact on women with anxiety .

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