The Oil Volcano disaster is BPs cause of great stress

BP has created an oil volcano that is pumping around 5000 barrels of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico every day. The oil poisoning has now exceeded 35 days with no sign of stopping. Both the Obama administration and BP have been conspicuously impotent in containing this global disaster.

The impact of poisoning the ocean is not just the concern of those living in the USA, but once the ocean currents begin to move the oil coupled with hurricanes dumping oil on land, this will very quickly bring food production to a sudden halt, with crop failures and contaminated soil and food. All of which will inevitably lead to mass migration from the south east of USA and surrounding areas.

Until now most people in the “developed world” suffer from stress as a result of work, low income, conflict, illness or chasing one dream after another in the hope of finding happiness. However, with the oil spewing out like the volcanic ash from Iceland for perhaps as long as 18 more months, many people across the world will be faced with new stressors in the form of food shortages, contaminated water supplies, civil and social unrest as a result of collapsing economies.

Anxiety, worry, fear and stress are like to accompany the changes underway, meditation is a critical tool that will be indispensible as we find new ways and more productive ways of living. offers free mindfulness guidance


5 Minutes Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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