There is such a thing as a broken heart

Valentine’s day, loved by some and loathed by others. Some people may be showered with roses, cards and secret admirers while others may be feeling heartbroken. Today of all days an expert cardiologist Dr. Binh An P. Phan, has reported in a press release from Loyola University in Chicago that broken heart syndrome is a real medical condition.

Dr Phan reported that the medical term for a broken heart is Stress Cardiomyopathy, its symptoms are very similar to that of a heart attack and include constriction of the arteries around the heart which causes difficulties breathing and chest pains.

It is reported that the medical condition of being heartbroken arises due to increased levels of stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol these hormones arise due to intense stress that can arise in response to a broken romance, relationship stress and death of an intimate other. The same effects are seen in response to other causes of stress such as extreme financial stress or the loss of a job.

Dr Phan reassures that the symptoms of heart break are not permanent and will diminish over time without medication and will have no lasting damage to the heart.

When a person feels their heart is breaking and they are under extreme stress there are a number of techniques that can be adopted to be used as stress management tools for example yoga, tai chi and gentle exercise can increase endorphins also known as happy hormones while reducing levels of stress hormones within the body. Additionally Mindfulness meditation has been clinically proven to reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety all of which may be present during a time of heart break.

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