Time to look hard at our lives

The first week of November 2009 has seen 13 soldiers shot dead, 41 injured by a US Army psychiatrist in Texas, while a “mentally ill” individual shot dead 6 people in Florida, numerous other “random” shootings of innocent people by those who are being now labelled as “unstable”, mentally ill, people who see their lives fall apart, all in all, every one of these tragic incidents was carried out by people who broke down as a result of stress .

Unfortunately such incidents are only going to increase in the coming months as more and more people have mental breakdowns and are unable to cope with the sudden changes in their “identity” as a result of the increasing stress and the exposure of all that they were taught to believe to be true, was and is in fact, merely just a belief, a mental construct.

As the second great depression becomes undeniable to all despite the “green shoots” propaganda by the politicians and their mouth piece the Main Stream Media, many people who have trusted their politicians and authority are waking up to the harsh reality that everyone has been taken for a ride by those who they’d trusted, as their jobs, wealth and health evaporate in the coming 18 months.

The science behind this great illusion is rather simple, yet highly effective. The first part is to “train” ones mental process into BELIVING a particular world-view, in short, everyone is led to believe that they are their thoughts!. Once people are conditioned through schooling, society and religion to believe that they are their thoughts, as long as one can control thoughts, they are able to control the individuals and lead them as required.

Meditation is the MOST POWERFUL and effective method to wake up to the Armageddon we are all being led towards and protect yourself from the pandemic of mental breakdown starting to sweep many parts of the world. The time has come to make a choice between darkness and light, between evil and good, it’s time to take an honest and hard look at our lives and choices and find ways to grow in ourselves and in our relationships with others.


Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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