Treating depression is best for economy

A new study has reported that receiving treatment for depression can have a long term positive effect on productivity at work and by default the economy.

The research that was conducted by Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Canada surveyed 3,000 workers and found as many as 255 people reported having experience an episode of depression within a year of the survey.

The research suggested that depression that was addressed and treated to a point of remission and also monitored, the people were significantly more productive than their un-treated counterparts. These results could be due to symptoms of depression including, memory dysfunction, poor decision making and judgement and social problems.

The Addiction and Mental Health centre reported that of the $51 billion a year spent on addressing mental illness each year nearly a third of that amount is said to be covering the gap of decreased productivity.

Mindfulness meditation has been found to relieve depression and improve overall mental and physical wellbeing, Mindfulness practices also give people techniques to cope with day to day stress and pressure which is particularly high in high power jobs.

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