Unprecedented increases in anxiety and fear levels found amongst Britons

One of the most comprehensive studies carried out by Mental Health Foundation (MHF) on 2246 adults, entitled In the Face of Fear has flagged up alarming concerns about the mental health of UK citizens.

§ Over 7,000,000 people suffer from anxiety in the UK, almost 800,000 greater than in 1993.

§ Women were twice as likely to feel anxious and frightened than men

§ Young people were more likely than the older generation to be fearful

§ A third of all people interviewed stated that fear had prevented them from doing things they want

§ The report shows that fear is having a serious negative impact on the mental and physical health of the nation

§ Efforts made by authorities to calm the public’s fears over issues such as crime often have the opposite effect according to the study.

§ 66 per cent of people were worried about the current financial situation

§ almost 50% specifically worried about money

§ High levels of fear and anxiety are linked to depression, heart disease, as well as conditions such as asthma and allergies

According to Dr Andrew McCulloch, chief executive of the MHF said stated that the study shows fear is having a serious negative impact on the mental and physical health of the nation.

The culture of fear is greatly emphasised by politicians, pressure groups, businesses and public bodies using “catastrophic” language.

Fear can be used to control individuals and societies, creating patterns of behaviour that may be counter productive to individuals and in time to society as a whole. The more fearful people feel in the general population, the more people will be tipped over into diagnosable anxiety disorders.

The only winners may be the pharmaceutical industry who must be rubbing their hands together at the prospect of tranqualising more than 10% of the UK population to address anxiety as a mental health illness.

Meditation, both Mindfulness and Transcedental meditation or Symran have been found to be highly effective, non-toxic and portable methods to overcome anxiety and stress.

Stressmanagement.co.uk recognises the increased level of anxiety amongst the general population and has committed itself to provide free, ethical and effective techniques to help develop sense of well-being, healthy minds and positive emotions.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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