Wake up! Its later than you think. Corporate and political greed is killing you!

If we care to look around we see that the world as we have known is going through an unprecedented changes at almost every level. Politicians around the world, but importantly in the UK and USA are being exposed as the hypocrites who actively deregulated the markets for the profit of multinationals and greedy bankers creating a culture of success of which the primary measure is money.

The impact of this global cancer started by the capitalist agenda of Western countries has brought the world to a brink of disaster. We have a population of over 6 Billion; During the past 100 years of “modernisation”, Man has destroyed countless micro ecosystems, deforested almost 70% of the planet, over fished and poisoned the waters with toxic chemicals, filled the air with a whole range of pollutants, destroyed ozone layer that protect us from the UV radiation from the sun resulting in polar ice meltdown catalysing weather patterns of super storms, diminished rain falls and soil erosion.

Mass media funded by corporate and controlled by politicians start brain-washing and conditioning children from the moment they are born, feeding them with highly stimulating advertisements through the TV and other forms of “entertainment”, creating psychological patterns of behaviour based on artificial needs.

All in all, we are all held captive within this artificial world-view, the minds of our children being diseased through mass media and instant gratification culture. Unless we wish to provide our future generations, our children with a health mind, the future of society with its ever increasing violence, insatiable individual and corporate greed can only result in the destruction of ones humanity and within a matter of a few years, the irreversible destruction of planet earth as far as the human beings are concerned.

Meditation enables us to recognise the psychological patterns we are all being programmed with. Perhaps this may explain why particularly in the Western world, meditation was always side lined. After all, would you want the goose that lays the golden egg to discover its been a slave to the money and power junkies?


Start waking up today!

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Holding your attention (by Dav Panesar)

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