Watching the BBC is dangerous for your health

The BBC’s recent “decision” to allow a Nick Griffins the BNP (British National party) air time on a prime time current affairs programme Question Time has helped divide communities, creates unnecessary stress, tensions and negative emotions across the UK population.

The BBC demonstrated its clear intention to play the divide and rule colonial strategy with the UK population, dividing people on political, religious and humanitarian grounds, all of which exposes the BBC for its sinister role in the coming changes.

Anger and hostility has been shown significantly increase the psychosocial risk factors for coronary heart disease. Moreover, according to research by Heartmath inc, has demonstrated five minutes of anger to impact immune systems for up to 6 hours, (

The BBC did not just help generate such negative emotions in its viewers and non-viewers alike, but also exposed Nick Griffins to a public humiliation for the “entertainment” of its viewers, of course on the grounds of freedom of speech! (when it suits their agenda).

Negative emotions such as anger, greed, craving, attachment and egocentricity have all been shown to impact physical health and at a quantum level, the implications of such directed emotional energy change the reality that we experience. Last such incident was when Jade Goody was exposed to intense negative emotional energy.

Professor Masuru Emoto has already demonstrated how concentrated thoughts actually change the crystal structure of water. Example of his work

Since all human mainly consist of water c.70% +, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise if all this sudden and directed negative emotion lead to changes in individuals health and well being, a spike in violent actions including speech over the next few days or even longer.

The BBC has contributed to the growing emotional tension energetic system, (heating up the pressure cooker), adding to the already increasing emotional energy from the tensions between Iran and Israel, the soon to crash economic markets, increasing unemployment, increasing violent crimes to mention but a few as we approach a tipping point of global significance.


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