Wearable tech to help track stress of medical professionals

A Boston start up will be undertaking a study to see how stressed Doctors truly are, making use of new wearable technology.

There is a huge amount of evidence that the health and emergency services suffer from stress, with sick days lost to stress mounting into the thousands.

Neumitra is a company which “build the biology into wearables” and use “technologies to address the effects of stress, rest, and activity on how you work, live and play.” Working in the Boston, it is using tech to track and map the stress levels of the city.

From January, it will track the stress levels of more than a 1,000 participants working in health care throughout the city.

The research will gather data from those working at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, and Beth Israel Deaconess.

“Stress can impact on the common cold all the way up to a heart attack,” said stress management clinician at Beth Israel Deaconess, Aditi Nerurkar.

As the participating medical professionals go about their work day, it is hoped that the wearable tech will not only help to track and gather data on their stress levels, but also that it will serve as a reminder to ensure that the participants look after their own health as well, throughout the day.

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