Welcome to the age of Paranoia, it may not all be in your mind!

Researcher from Kings College, University of London, Dr Daniel Freeman, a clinical psychologist says “we have entered an age of paranoia”. Our children aren’t allowed to play outside, our streets are under constant surveillence with CCTV cameras, we are suspicious of strangers, concerned about immigrants, and with the current man made and greed led financial crisis and the impending global warming, it should not surprise any one why we all feel increasing paranoid.

Paranioa is defined as an unfounded or exaggerated distrust of others which unchecked can sometimes reaching delusional proportions.

However, the paranoia that the general community is becoming aware off has been systematically growing over the past few decades and accelerated over the past few years. With mass media playing a crucial role through delivering only fear-based news, with hysteria and psychological distress caused through the use of psychological terms such as “war of terror”. In this example, the word “terror” is something you feel, it’s a subjective experience one may have during a nightmare for instance, but using these terms repetitively soon makes it part of our psychological conditioning.

Some would argue this is a deliberate act of politicians simply to create a sense of fear in its population so it can control or better manage its voters. After all, the WMD (weapons of mass destruction) was nothing more than lies, supported by more lies that eventually lead to the death of thousands to individuals, including British and US men and women. The same tactics appear to be used in the latest “crisis”, the fear tactics of not bailing out the greed oriented banks with billions of tax payers money has done little to avert the crisis, in fact, arguably its made the situation worse for the ordinary tax payer, yet another burden upon their hard earned money, and a risks of losing jobs or homes .

Meditation is one simple yet effective method of discovering for your self how you have been manipulated and conditioned, as well as a very effective method of dealing with increasing paranoia, which unless dealt with will inevitably lead to physical and mental health problems.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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