Who is to blame for the economic collapse around us?

With money markets crashing around us, the question arises as to who is to blame for this economic catastrophe? The answer is something most people are knows intimately, greed.

Greed is the desire to accumulate and greed gives rise to greed. Greed based behaviour results from attachment to an object; this may be money, people, possessions or fame.

The fundamental problem that is reducing the worlds economic powers to their knees, and impacting each and everyone one of us is the delusion that consumerism will bring happiness. Just take a few moments and look at the possession that you have. The latest mobilephones, the Ipods, hand-held PC, fast cars, flat screen TV, designer labels and so on. We are all being brain-washed through mass media, false doctrines and greed motivated politics and profit chasing industry into a hysterical frenzy of insatiable consumption.

Yet consider yourself, although our possession may have increased, happiness is still some distant dream. In fact, the inability to achieve happiness through possessions and insatiable consumption only leads to greater frustration and unhappiness.

Perhaps the current financial and global trauma is time for reflection and consider what really brings satisfaction in life?

Meditation enables us to “see” the craving nature of our thoughts, see how we are uncontrollably led by our thoughts, motivated through a range of techniques all geared towards conditioning us into a false of purpose, creating attachments to products, fame or wealth as sources of our happiness.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

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