Women more likely than men to suffer festive stress

A poll has found that the festive season divides the sexes on stress, with women reported to be more stressed out by preparations than men, who seem to have the ability to take things a bit easier.

Market researchers, Ipsos MORI, carried out a poll for the Evening Standard, who have reported the findings.

Women are twice as likely as men to feel stressed about the Christmas preparations. Almost 60% of men said they were not stressed at all, whereas only 42% of women said this.

There was also a geographical divide discovered, with 14% of Londoners stressing out over the festive season, whereas 25% of northerners had fraying nerves because of it.

Christmas is a stressful time, there is a lot of things to get ready and not a lot of time to do it in. Combined with price worries and pressure put on the heads of households to make it a great day.

It has been evidenced in the past that men are less likely than women to feel stress in day to day life, but that women are better at dealing with stress.

In the run up to Christmas, it is important to take a few minutes and de-stress, whether this be by using stress management techniques like mindfulness, or by sitting down with a cup of tea, putting the smart phone away and ‘switching off’ for a bit.

This can help you regain a feeling of control and help you perform better in order to fully enjoy Christmas and make the most of it.

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